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Hello, hello, and welcome to Colour Puppy, where I’ll be sharing some words and pictures with you!

My name’s LaurelHello

I’ve been passionate about art my entire life. When I was a little kid, I used to make my own short comics to bring to school and pass around to my classmates. Wherever I went, my trusty sketchbook and coloured pencils were sure to come along with me. My parents could leave me alone for hours (don’t worry – they didn’t!) and I wouldn’t get into trouble because I was too busy drawing. Things haven’t changed much since then (I still don’t get into trouble, honest!); in fact I’m more interested in art than ever!

Art for the Fun of it

While I love to study art, practice boring drawing exercises, and soak up all the information I can on the subject, I can tell you there’s nothing like sitting down with a nice hot (or cold) drink, putting on some favourite music, opening up a sketchbook to a fresh, blank page, and getting lost in your latest creation…

I still prefer to make art for the sheer enjoyment it brings me, rather than trying to make something just because it’s popular. Stick around and you’ll see my latest art endeavors, which can be anything from silly doodles, to more focused works, to experimenting with varied and sometimes unexpected art supplies and techniques. My hope is that you find something here that inspires you to pick up a pencil, marker, paintbrush, or whatever; put it to paper and make something just for the joy of making something that wouldn’t have existed otherwise.

If you Make Art, You’re an Artist

When we’re children, art is one of the first ways we figure out how to express ourselves. We don’t worry about anatomy, or perspective, or if something looks “right” or “wrong” – we just create because we can, and then we proudly show off the pages we’ve filled. Sadly, an awful lot of people give up art at a young age, when they realize that what they’re drawing doesn’t look realistic or “good enough.”

Art as a Child

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

I aim to remind people of what it was like making art as a child, just for the pleasure of it; before learning to criticize oneself and compare one’s art to others’. Remember the satisfaction of seeing that page in front of you, perhaps fixed to the fridge with a cute magnet or two, filled up with colour and brightening up the room. Your childhood art provided entertainment, told stories, and made people happy. You don’t need toΒ pore over books and tutorials, study the Old Masters, or work as a pro in the entertainment industry to be an artist. You just have to make art.

So come on – let’s make something! πŸ™‚

Creator, Colour Puppy


  1. Linda


    What a fabulous introduction! Very wise words and very inspiring! Now just to pick up a pencil…

    Looking forward to seeing more of your artwork!

  2. I love art! It is such a wonderful way to express yourself. My nephew just started middle school and is feeling a bit intimidated by art class. I’ll have to share some of your insights with him.

    • Laurel

      I agree completely! Art is a fantastic form of self-expression that anyone can embrace. Best of luck to your nephew! It can certainly be nerve-racking, especially when you’re coming from a place where you might be the only artist, and going into a class full of others, some of whom are bound to be more technically skilled. My advice for him would be to focus on his work, try to avoid comparing his art to those of his classmates, and of course to do his best with the projects. In the meantime, I’ll start working on an article to tackle this subject more in depth. Thanks for your input! πŸ™‚

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